If I never took that criticism I mentioned above and ran with it, I would never be at the level I am today. Although my passion for photography is still there, my first love of film is beginning to slowly creep up on me like a mid-life crisis! Some of my works are in the making and will be available for viewing very soon. Stay tuned!


My first experience was in the 8th grade when I took AV (audio visual) class. My classmates and I would make cringe-worthy short films & skits. Out of all of us, I was the one you would try to run and hide from in the bathroom, because I was attempting to shove a camera in your face in order to film you! It was about ten years ago whilst living in the UK, when I picked up my first digital camera. I took my baby everywhere; Africa, France, Germany, and many other places.


Nope, I'm not talking about the show...

I'm talking about that awkward stage all artists go through whilst learning their craft. Trust me when I say that we've all been there! It really sucks when you think you're the best artist in the world, until you come across an outsider who knocks you off that pedestal you put yourself on. I hated it at the time, but I appreciate it so much more now. I had no idea about the basics of photography, and just went out and shot. When I got home, I added so many filters and effects on my photos, it would make Instagram cringe!  


I'm an artist who happens to love photography and film!

Vani Jay